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Not easy to tell you !

I am French. And my English is not good, I know. I am sorry and I beg your pardon for. I missed my exams because my English was zero. I missed first classes because I was sick and I never could reach back my comrades level, and the English teacher was despising me fiercely without I could guess why. But as I do not like to stay on a failure and as I still wished warmly to have pen friends in foreigner countries, With Jeanie’s help, a friend of my mother, I could, as adult and when married, have my first US pen pals. Then I had lots of letters-by friends all around the world till life, without pity, took many of them out from my way because changes, accidents and alas deaths. Friends’ roads are like that, crossing and departing and sometime coming back…

But I have still some that are trustful since some 40 years long, they are parts of my own life. As they are intelligent, educated and very kind and patient with me, they could guess , word after word, the gibberish  I was writing them at start, they helped me and they sent me books to read and little by little I could improve a few. But I am a lazy bad pupil and made no more progresses, counting on their kindness to forgive my errors.

I cannot speak or understand oral English; the books did not give me the sounds!!!

Yet, for them like for you, I will try to translate sometimes what I send on this blog, when the text will not be too long and I could have time enough, because my free time is short.

So, to make it short:

I am Hélène, I am 70 years old, married since a little more than 50 years “short” with a lovely man being 75 this year and named Michel. We have a daughter, Miriam and 3 grand daughters.

Since 1993 we are living in Corrèze, in center west of France on a mountain, our house is at 900 meters high among forests of pines and around the house of stones are only long slopes and rivulets were wander some roebucks and wild boars.

We have cats, hens, and you will cross many passing animals as I love to try to save hurt ones!

Just now I have, in my den, a sick hen, a bat in an aquarium (without water!) waiting spring to go back to the wild, flour worms I raise for insectivores animals saving and feeding my bat, a box of crickets I raise for pleasure to; listen the monochord violin of them, and we have 8 cats running everywhere around.

I am passionate, I  love humans, animals, plants, natures and anything I can do with hands!

You will discover all that, piece by piece, if you are becoming friend with us.

My main goal in life is SHARING and LOVING, anybody and anything!


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